30 January 2024

Your problem is you’re too fat. You’re too skinny. Men, women, just prefer women, men who are fitter, stronger, happier with themselves. Curves are beautiful though. Everyone’s so lazy these days. Dad bods are kinda sexy… My boyfriend, girlfriend is skinny, short, tall, fat, and I love him, her. You need to keto. That’s your problem. Diets don’t work— do work. You need to intermittent paleo starting strength fast 3x5 3 times a week. If it was easy, everyone would do it!

It’s so easy. I know people who’ve done it. My friend’s uncle’s step-sister lost like 20 kilos. My brother’s friend from school really turn his life around. People just hate being told they can change.

It’s really hard. It’s so easy. Where have all the decent men gone? The bar is sooo low, omg. Just don’t be weird! It’s really hard. I don’t want to be in the gym 6 days a week, but that’s what it takes! That’s what it takes to be a real man, woman! You expect to be handed what you want on a platter?

You need to do things for others’ approval. You need to do things for yourself. Don’t give into capitalistic demands. You need to be yourself. That’s your problem. You spend so much time following others’ advice. You’re so tense; relax! Listen to your heart. Go to therapy. Be yourself, but, be like me. Listen to me. You need better posture. You’re not happy. People can tell! Be happier. Not hard.

You need to learn to dance. You need to join a club. Start climbing. Oh, you do that already? You must be doing it wrong. Your interests are boring. You’re boring. Be more interesting. That’s your problem. You don’t read enough books. Women love vulnerability. You’re trying too hard! Men don’t want someone difficult. You’re not trying hard enough. …You’re doing all that just to get people to like you? Do you think you might just be a bad person?

Just follow my advice. That’s your problem. Worked for me.