5 March 2023

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t posted an update since November last year…

My last post, Everything I wish I knew when learning C, really took off! It got to #1 on Hacker News, which was a big goal of mine, and #4 on /r/programming. I’m glad so many people found it useful. I’ve made some small additions here and there, notably bare enums and the _Generic macro.

Unfortunately, my writing output since then has been low, but I recently published some notes I had on writing data layers: CRUD is fake; or, what should a data mapper look like?

I made a music video for The 1975’s How To Draw / Petrichor. I’m quite happy with this as my first go! I have some ideas for other videos but nothing in the works yet.

In work news: I recently started a company, Orthographics, with my good friend Dan. It’s exciting to be doing our own thing, and definitely a welcome change from my previous full-time work. Check us out: Orthographics - Real-Time Graphics Solutions

As always, if you have any thoughts feel free to send a mail to tom@tmewett.com.

All the best,