21 December 2023

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for being a subscriber in 2023!

Before the year ends, I wanted to update you about another FOUR new articles on my blog.

Parts are real 👏 - “Somewhere in the last 2 years I discovered Internal Family Systems, and it’s been one of the most impactful things I’ve learned. […] Parts work is path to seeing the mind as more than a dumb machine of suffering […]”

What holds communities, and connection, back? - a collection of thoughts on physical spaces, cultural trends, etc. and how they relate to personal relationships.

Against self-discipline - I used to believe self-discipline was unquestionably good and that more = better, but not any more. Here’s why…

Conformity is a fractal cyclone of BS - “Any child who has to spend a lot of effort learning how to fit in eventually learns that it’s an endless game of losing. […]”

(I want to streamline how I make these newsletters so they aren’t so delayed versus the articles…)

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