3 February 2024

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the newsletter in 2024. I have two new posts from January:

Letting incompleteness exist: I’ve noticed that sometimes when I get stuck on something, it’s because I’m trying to force thoughts to be complete. […]

Advice: a poem?

I updated Everything I wish I knew when learning C with two new links:

I also made an anonymous message box, just to try it out? So you can now leave feedback etc without emailing me directly, if you prefer that.

Meanwhile, my job hunt continues. I’ve been playing some Lethal Company in the meantime, which is a very solid game. Article-wise I, as usual, have many ideas on the fire - I’m hoping to get some meatier reactivity articles out, going more in-depth on my library and how I’m using it with OpenGL.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a mail to tom@tmewett.com or leave an anonymous message.