11 March 2024

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the February-ish newsletter! I wrote one new post last month:

I guess I’m afraid of everything falling apart

Not really trying to make a habit of angsty pseudo-poetry but here we are!

On the theme of this post, I’ve been trying to understand exactly what entropy really is, given that it’s about order/disorder - and how it connects to biological life and my kind of obsessive desire for neatness, efficiency, etc. The Veritasium video is quite good but I think I need to read more.

I submitted some of my older tech articles to r/programming. Most got a weak positive response, a dozen or so upvotes and no comments, but Why write Bash when we could compile to it? unexpectedly got a very strong negative response! But it also got way more views than the other ones. I guess it really is true that if you want engagement, you should make people mad.

I’m not going to set goals for March since what I did in February was nothing like what I said I would in the last newsletter!

Sadly still looking for work. I had a few more interviews, some final stage, so hopefully something pays off soon.

Some interesting links I found in February:

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send a mail to tom@tmewett.com or leave an anonymous message.