3 July 2024

From Mars is an index of articles and links I have put together in understanding more about my maleness and masculinity.

I grew up feeling quite disconnected from my gender, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised it’s very important to me. Sadly though, most discussion about maleness seems really, really bad. Conservatives are rarely analytical about gender at all, often viewing masculinity as a set of superficial traits that are cruel to others and themselves. Progressives, while having lots of interesting theory about gender, largely do not try to understand maleness—at worst, they hate and reject it. So, most existing writing about men is poor quality, or not even written by men.

This is sad, and I want to change it! I think a lot of people are looking for a new perspective on men, and on gender in general. This page is my contribution.

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From Mars
Pretty much all of the emotional suppression I've absorbed hasn't come from traditional masculinity or patriarchy at all · 11 June 2023

Articles by others

(Order roughly by how fully I endorse them)

Other projects, websites, and personalities


  • Sam Fender: northern British singer-songwriter who writes a lot about his experiences in working-class, male culture, particularly in Dead Boys and Seventeen Going Under

Social media / TikTok / Reels

  • The Pointer Brothers (TikTok & Instagram: thepointerbrothers): goofy American masc sports humour
  • Jonas Gindin (TT: jonybrony, IG: jonas.gindin): parodies of men stuff around dating etc.
  • Erik Nagy (TT&IG: noteriknagy): American sports/hockey humour, parodies of jocks, etc.

Articles about non-men

To not lose sight of others’ experiences, I include some articles which I particularly empathised with: