Hi, I’m Tom, a software engineer who’s worked across many different industries, with companies like Bloomberg, PlayStation, and Raspberry Pi. I’ve worked with backend, cloud, graphics (OpenGL), C, Linux, build systems, and more.

As a generalist, I do a variety of specific work, but what I do best is help you solve software problems to improve your work and business. As part of that, I might:

  • design and develop custom apps and tools to improve your business workflow
  • improve performance or fix bugs in your existing tools
  • provide technical advice, such as reviewing code or helping to evaluate existing solutions for your use case

I’m comfortable with everything from one-person teams to supporting projects in large corporations.

Right now I’m particularly interested in interactive media and graphics/video industries such as live show visuals.

Send me an email at tom@tmewett.com and let’s discuss how I can help!


  • Brogue: Community Edition: I started and maintain a popular fork of an approachable roguelike computer game, written in C. This has involved developing and distributing a cross-platform application; managing contributions and bug reports; UX design. (2019-present)

  • Backend services for PlayStation Studios: Designed and implemented bespoke Go microservices for game features. Worked closely with DevOps team for deployment on AWS. (2021-2022)

  • BuildStream is an open-source tool written in Python for building and integrating software into system images and runtimes. At Codethink, I contributed patches to aid in our use of the tool. (My commits) (2019)

  • Testing prototypes at Raspberry Pi: Created automated tests for products in development. Manually experimented with the Programmable I/O chip which was later launched with the RP2040 microcontroller. Programmed with assembly, Verilog, and C. (2018)